Welcome Back to the Spring 2017 Semester

Welcome back, MFA students and Orlando literary community!

The spring semester is upon us. Below, students can find the spring class schedule. We’ve also listed our spring UCF literary events. Don’t forget, we’ve got a handy event calendar.

Look out for event invites on Facebook, and don’t be afraid to email us if you have any questions. Students, be diligent in checking your UCF Knights email for updates to dates, times, and locations for events, as well as other vital information.

Good luck in your writing endeavors and readings. We look forward to seeing you!

Spring 2017 Classes

6:00pm-7:15pm Advanced Workshop: Poetry
7:30pm-10:15pm Studies in Nonfiction
7:30pm-10:15pm Teaching College Literature

6:00pm-7:15pm Form and Theory in Creative Writing
6:00pm-7:15pm Contemporary Movements in LCT Theory
7:30pm-10:15pm Issues in Literary Theory

6:00pm-7:15pm Advanced Workshop: Poetry
7:30pm-9:00pm Studies in LCT Theory
7:30-10:15pm Advanced Workshop: Fiction

Rhetorical Theory
Technical Editing
English Grammar and Usage

Spring 2017 Events
Some events are still in the process of finalizing times and locations. Make sure you check the event calendar for updates to dates, times, and locations for events.

GWA Readings & Workshops
Jan 8 PARCELS: MFAs in Progress
Jan 11 Second Semester Orientation for First Years with Terry Thaxton
Jan 18 Lit Mags and Publishing with Jamie Poissant
Jan 25 Crafting Thesis (and other) Proposals with Lisa Roney
Feb 5 PARCELS: MFAs in Progress
Mar 5 PARCELS: MFAs in Progress
Apr 5 Spring GWA Reading: Brad Watson
Apr 9 PARCELS: MFAs in Progress

Feb 8–Feb 11 AWP Writers Conference
TBD May ACA Writers Retreat

Cypress Dome Society presents
Feb 28 Writers in the Sun: Rigoberto Gonzalez
Apr 20 Alumni reading: Jaroslav Kalfař

Don’t forget to check out other local literary events. Check out our page for the Orlando Literary Community or keep an eye on our event calendar.


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