Happy Birthday PARCELS and Welcome 2017!


What better way to start off the 2017 PARCELS than with a celebration? Not only did the January reading mark the 5 year birthday of the series, but it also featured Alli Martin, a recent graduate. And for a reading that began before the semester, the turnout was a crowd and a half.


First year Leah Washburn opened with a short fiction piece about an upcoming high school reunion, a gathering of old friends, and an unhappy marriage. Leah’s story asks “do you have it all”, and the main character is left wondering this as the story ends.


Following her was Mike Leavitt, another first year, who shared a recently written story about an Orlando airport, a tourist, and a pessimist. (Need I say more?). Although Mike included a few good zingers, his piece ended on a surprisingly sentimental note given the POV character.


Before moving on to the evening’s final reader, program leader Terry Thaxton dragged faculty member David James Poissant onto the stage. As one of PARCELS founding faculty members, she recognized his hard work and dedication to the project along with the work of the students Brian Crimmins, Kirsten Holt, and Leslie Salas.


Then Alli Martin took her turn with mic. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Alli missed the celebratory Graduate Reading that took place last December. She read the first chapter of her thesis work, a steampunk novel that she used to comment on class, race, sexism, ethnicity, and even colonialism. Through Eve’s curious and determined eyes, she introduced the audience to a world of gears and train whistles.

The evening was a great success and we look forward to many more PARCELS to come. Once again, we’d like to thank our host, the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, for providing us with such a welcoming place. We’d also like to thank all who came and we hope to see you again at our next reading on February 5th.


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