Madison Brake

Madison Brake is a writer, illustrator, and casual skeleton enthusiast. She primarily works in combinations of young adult fiction, animal fiction, fantasy, and horror that is not too horrifying.

Ollie Damm

Ollie has always been drawn to the strange and fantastical. They write speculative Fiction, often entwining folklore with the queer experience. They love collaborative Storytelling, and when they aren’t writing, you can probably catch them playing Tabletop games.

Dez Deshaies

Dez Deshaies is a writer and game designer from Chicago. His writing has appeared in Foglifter, The Heartland Review, Menacing Hedge, and elsewhere. His multimedia/games work has been exhibited at the Adler Planetarium and the Orlando Museum of Art. 


Wendy Dye

Wendy Dye is a fiction writer from Florida. She writes horror and fantasy short stories and is working on a science fiction novel.

Rebecca Fox

She writes short fiction and novels with a dash of magic. Her stories investigate the overlapping of narrative, imagination, and theology, drawing upon fairy tales, mythology, and folklore for inspiration. She works as a freelance writer, editor, and communications consultant. Rebecca created the Write 100 Challenge, a program that encourages and equips writers of all ages and stages with the community, accountability, and resources to reach their writing goals. As a founding member of Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast, Rebecca loves connecting with fellow writers and readers.

David K. Gibson

David K Gibson writes short stories and essays, and (currently) something resembling a novel. He is a professional writer of food and travel articles, public policy explainers, and advertising copy. He lives in Orlando with his wife and seven-year-old son.

Morgan Harker

Morrigan Harker (she/her, they/them) is a Creative Writing MFA candidate at the University of Central Florida. She specializes in science fiction and fantasy, with steampunk, paranormal, and folkloric influences. She is currently writing a novel-length retelling and sequel of Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” as well as revising a paranormal investigation short story that incorporates the ballet Giselle. When she’s not writing, she can be found in a love-hate relationship with her sewing machine, wondering if there are indeed Fair Folk in the nearby park, and raising the most adorably obnoxious cat.


Charlie Klenk

Charlie (they/them) is a nonbinary fiction and creative nonfiction writer, producing work that examines identity, otherness, and the ways we survive. Their cat is infinitely more interesting then they’ll ever be.


Tammy Komoff

Tammy Komoff is a fiction and non-fiction writer, mother of two and former Interior Designer. Currently, an MFA student at the University of Central Florida, she writes supernatural, horror, and fantasy fiction


Evan Lindeman

Evan Lindeman thinks of himself more than anything as an adherent to the “New Weird” in the fashion of writers like China Mieville and Jeff Vandermeer. Most of his work tends to explore human nature through the lens of speculative fiction and horror, often specifically in terms of familial relations, mental illness and class struggle.


Peyton Derrick

Peyton Derrick is an elementary teacher by day and a writer by night. Her fiction aims to explore the daily wonder and daily devastation of growing up and is frequently written to the tune of the Social Network soundtrack. Outside of fiction, Peyton writes mostly-sad music for mostly-happy people in addition to covering theme park and roller coaster news.


Noor ur Rehman

Noor writes daily journals despite knowing that his experiences are boring but he maintains the habit nonetheless to delay the novel he has been writing for a few years. He understands that he was born a little too late for poetry and aesthetics but, as the modern world outshines the predictions of dystopian literature from the last century, he believes that tweaking metaphors and measuring shadows is the most Romantic and cowardly thing he can perform. Due to his utter lack of convictions and aversion to them, his close friends call him an “Alienated postmodernist”, but he maintains all his doubts regarding politics and religion and stays on the margin like a frightened CCTV camera.  To make it all worse, he deems writing synonymous to breathing.


Carissa Richetti

Carissa Richetti is a genre fiction writer residing in Orlando, FL. Her work focuses on the constructs of good and evil and the gray spaces in between. She writes fantasy and magical realism.


Marelize Roets

Marelize Roets is a globe-trotting South African. She is rapidly gaining her ten thousand hours of experience writing and she lives her life by making bad decisions until someone comes from the future to stop her. Her work has previously appeared in Bending GenresFishFood Magazine, and Scarlet Leaf Review. She is also an assistant editor at Ghost Parachute. Follow her on Twitter @MRoetsWritrix.

Becca Rowell

Rebecca Rowell is a DC-born cat owner and soft-shell crab enthusiast that is interested in writing and reading light psychological horror with fantasy elements. She has work published in Boned: A Collection of Skeletal Writings and The Charles Carter: A Working Anthology under her pen name, Eli Rowell. She is a current MFA candidate at the University of Central Florida, where she studies creative writing and collects novelty mugs featuring vulgar words.

Find her on Instagram @rowellings and on Twitter @elirowell_.

Grayson Treat

Grayson Treat graduated with a BA in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His fiction has been published in The Susquehanna Review and his nonfiction has been published in Necessary Fiction. His writing focuses on the incessant buzz against your skull and the pieces of foreign soil intermingled in your grandfather’s blood.

William H.W. Walker

A short bio



Lauren Denney

Lauren is a creative nonfiction student in UCF’s Creative Writing program, but she also loves to write fiction stories and force her friends and family members to read them. She graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s in editing, writing and media and psychology. Lauren works as an assistant editor during the day, a student by night, and a writer whenever she can make the time.

Nicole Ballarini Pendleton

Nicole Ballarini Pendleton writes creative nonfiction, and writes and illustrates graphic memoir. She is a founding member of the Working Title Podcast, and has been published in Aquifer: The Florida Review Online and the literary journal, Egg. Nicole is a retired application developer and failed domestic engineer living with her family in Florida. She is an MFA candidate at the University of Central Florida.


Sam Harden

Sam Harden has been published in several undergraduate literary magazines, like The Susquehanna Review, The Red Cedar Review, and The Cypress Dome, to which I am grateful for.

Kenneth M. Noguera

Poet, artist, singer, and long time fan of Pokemon and animation, Kenneth Michael Noguera is a Queer writer born and raised in Miami, Florida by his beloved mother and grandmother. HIs family comes from the island of Aruba and the Caribbean with his poetry focusing on masculinity, displacement, queerness, multi-generational trauma, and spirituality. He is an MFA Creative Writing student at the University of Central Florida. He is currently working on his first a book of poems. He is also an audio editor for Working Title Podcast.  He lives in Orlando, Florida with his family and pets. Pictured on right is a candid photo of him.

Jada Reyes

Jada Reyes is a poet and artist based in east Orlando, Florida. Her work can be found in Kissing Dynamite Poetry, Prolit Magazine, or the Notes app.

Megan Riddell

Megan Riddell is a poet, family law paralegal, and mother to a toddler named Violet. Megan’s passion for writing poetry was first grounded in her admiration of alternative song lyrics from the 90’s, in lieu of musical talent, but is now grounded in confessional poetry like that of Anne Sexton’s and Sylvia Plath’s. One of Megan’s poems, “Toxic Traditions,” can be found at Sad Girls Club Literary Journal.

Maggie Wolff

Maggie Wolff writes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Her work appears in Black Fox Literary Magazine, The Lascaux Review, and Qu Literary Magazine. She is working on her first poetry collection, which follows three generations of women as they navigate depression, addiction, and suicide. Find her on social media as mwolffwriter.

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