Will Rincón

Will Rincón is a writer from Kissimmee Florida. He enjoys speculative fiction and visiting new places. 

Constance Owens

Constance Owens resides in Florida with her two Volpino Italiana furbabies where she writes creative nonfiction and poetry. A graduating MFA candidate at the University of Central Florida, Constance is the book review editor for The Florida Review. She completed her poetry chapbook Other Shiny Things, and her work has been publishedin Bright Flash Literary ReviewThe Helix MagazineMeat for Tea: The Valley ReviewThe Write Stuff Anthology, and Sundog Lit, where her poem was a finalist in their 2019 Collaborative Contest.  

Tara Mayer

Tara Mayer is a writer and editor, specializing in essay and memoir. Her work grapples with queerness, femininity, and mental health through atypical perspectives which serve to hold a mirror to readers like herself, staring down stigmas and approaching questions of identity. If not reading or writing, she can be found listening to David Bowie while smothering her cat with unwanted affection. 

Robin Schulte

Orlando-area storyteller, Robin Schulte, creates stories that tap into the collective, clumsy experience of growing up. She is a winner of the National Storytelling Festival Story Slam in Jonesborough, Tennessee. A former high school English teacher and past-president of the Florida Storytelling Association, she has produced two audio recordings: Jack and the Levitator and Other Stories and Late. Night. Stop., which received a Storytelling World Honor Award. Her thesis, Dutiful Daughter, is a memoir which explores her unsettled childhood shaped by an alcoholic mother and details an adult reunion with a brother who spent thirty years homeless. Find more at www.RobinSchulte.com

Heather Orlando-Jerabek

Heather Orlando-Jerabek is a graduate of the Columbia University Publishing Course, an MFA candidate in creative writing at the University of Central Florida and received a BA degree in English literature from Hillsdale College. Prior to teaching creative writing and English, she worked with publications such as National Geographic and TV Guide Magazine. Heather was an editorial intern at the Florida Review before taking her current position in publicity with Celadon Books, a division of Macmillan. She lives with her husband and two mischievous cats in Brooklyn.

Kyle Kubik

A fiction-focused student in UCF’s MFA program, Kyle Kubik is an author and poet that writes folklore-inspired works about mental illness, trauma, identity, and escapism. When not playing video games, sleeping, or keeping up with homework, he chips away at his thesis, a dystopian novel about a society in which individuals must constantly wear masks. 

Alicia Ezekiel-Pipkin

Malcolm E. Kelly

Audi Ashley Barnes

Audi Barnes is a poet and essayist who grapples with identity, visibility, and physical and mental pain in her work. Pieces by her can be found in The Asexual Journal and buried deep, deep in her hard drive.

Caitlin Lochner

Caitlin Lochner is a nerd, traveler, and architecture enthusiast. She enjoys reading and writing anything with magic, adventure, and complex found-family relationships, but has recently started writing about what it means to be an asexual woman in a society obsessed with sexually objectifying and belittling women. When not reading comics or writing, she can usually be found sleeping or wishing she was asleep. Her debut novel, A Soldier and a Liar, was released in 2019.

Adam Byko

Adam Byko’s work was named a finalist for the Cream City Review Summer Fiction Prize, and has appeared in (or is forthcoming with) The Pinch, The Baltimore Review, and Notre Dame Review among other publications.

Allie Arend

Allie Arend received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Arkansas (Go Hogs!). If Allie’s dreams came true, she would meet Nicki Minaj and move to Iceland. More realistically, she hopes to own dogs and visit England again.

Rebecca Cobb

Rebecca Cobb can be found lurking in the book section at any local thrift store.

Alli Martin

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at UCF in 2003, Alli worked in editorial at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Her fiction appears in the 2011 anthology Dreams of Steam II: Brass and Bolts.

Jonathan Phin

Jonathan Phin received his Bachelors of Arts in English at the University of South Florida, and he previously worked as a substitute teacher and currently works for an online website.

Alexis Senior

After graduating from UCF with a BA in Creative Writing, Alexis worked as an editor for Orlando Magazine and went on to become a social media manager for an award-winning ad agency. She now writes cookbooks as a content writer at Tupperware. Bottom line—she’s always writing something.

Brendan Stephens

Brendan has a Master’s in the Arts of Teaching and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Frostburg State University. His works have appeared in the Little Patuxent Review, In Flight Literary Magazine, the Clash by Night Anthology, and the Backbone Mountain Review where he received the 2013 Prose of the Year award.

Danielle Armstrong

Danielle Armstrong completed an MFA in fiction from the University of Central Florida in May 2015. Her fiction and nonfiction has appeared in border crossing, river Sedge, the 2015 Savannah Anthology, Scissors & Spackle, Paragraph Line, and Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. Though a Tennessee native, she lives and works as a technical writer in Orlando, Florida.

Lana Issam Ghannam

Lana Issam Ghannam has an MFA in poetry from the University of Central Florida. Her work has appeared in Mississippi Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Foothill: a journal of poetry, Five2One, Red Booth Review, Sukoon, and The Cape Rock. 


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