Marelize Roets, (MFA Spring 2021)
-“The War of Socks,” Bending Genres, June 2020, Flash Fiction
-“One in Three,” FishFood Magazine, August 2020, Flash Fiction

Tammy Komoff (MFA Fall 2022)                                                                                                        – “The Nordlyset,” All World’s Wayfarer, Issue IV June 2020, Fiction


Caitlin Lochner (MFA Spring 2020). A Soldier and a Liar, February 2019 (young adult fiction novel).

Ciera Horton McElroy (MFA Spring 2019).

— “Freedom From Want,” Honorable Mention Glimmer Train Family Matters Contest Nov./Dec. 2017 (fiction).

— “Orchestration,” Longlist Finalist Smokelong Quarterly Award for Flash Fiction (fiction).

— “Flying Toward Morning,” Burrow Press Fantastic Floridas, July 2018 (fiction).

— “First Mars, then the Moon,” Ghost Parachute, May 2018 (fiction).

— “Book Review: Scott Gould’s Strangers to Temptation,” The Chattahoochee Review, Spring 2018 XXXVIII, Number 1 (nonfiction).

— “Antigone,” Lumina, Spring 2018 Volume XVII (fiction).

— “Hunting Accident,” Flash Fiction Magazine, Spring 2018 (fiction).

Lorena Parker Matejowsky (MFA, Spring 2019).

—“My Daughter Forgets to Lock the Door” poem, AWP Intro Journal Award 2018 , Tahoma Literary Review, Summer 2018 (poetry)

—“When are the Astronauts Going to Mars?” Redivider, 15.2 Fall 2018 (poetry)

—“Is Someone Having Her Period?” The Shallow Ends, September 2018 (poetry)

—Semifinalist, Yemassee Journal 2018 Poetry Contest, Judged by Donika Kelly

—”Men Get Sick Of Me”, 2018 Best New Poets, Meridian and University of Virginia Press, Judged by Kyle Dargan (poetry)

Vanessa Blakeslee (MA, December 2005). Perfect Conditions: stories. Curbside Splendor Publishing. 2018 July.

Victoria Campbell (MFA Spring 2016).

—”Learning to Breathe Underwater,” Bayou Magazine, Fall 2018

—”Tilly the Brokenhearted,” Joyland Magazine, Fall 2018

Alli Martin (MFA Fall 2016).

—”Researching and Choosing a Literary Agent” presentation. Orlando Public Library. 9 August 2018.

—”Query Critique Workshop” panelist. Orlando Public Library. 18 August 2018.

—”Infinite Possibilities: Time Travel & Alternate Timelines on TV” panelist. DragonCon Alternate History Track. 31 August 2018.

—”Practical Time Travel for the Storyteller” panelist. DragonCon Alternate History Track. 1 September 2018.

Judith Roney (MFA Spring 2015).

—”East of Apalachicola Haunted,” Fantastic Florida, Burrow Press, Fall 2018 (poetry).

—“News from the Dead at Dozier School for Boys” Nominated for The Orison Anthology by Parentheses Journal, September 8th. 2018. “I’m writing to inform you that I wish to nominate your poem “News from the Dead at Dozier School for Boys” for The Orison Anthology.”

—“American Diner,” Poetry of Americana, Issue #15, Fall 2018 (poetry).

—”Laetoli” and “Disquiet in Central Florida,” The Hamilton Stone Review, Fall 2018 (poetry).

—Danez Smith Interview, Aquifer, September 4th, 2018 (interview)

—”When I Am Nine” and “That Bullshit Line, Bone of my bones,” Glint Literary Journal Issue #9 Fall/Winter 2018 (poetry).

—”News from the Dead at Dozier School for Boys,” Parentheses Journal, Issue 4, 2018 (poetry).

—“Sometimes, the Light,” The Poetry Barn Distillery, 2018 (poetry)

—“Box,” Ghost Parachute, June 1st, 2018 (fiction)

Nickalus Rupert (MFA Spring 2015). “Where They Live,” Sonora Review Online, Spring 2018 (fiction).

—”‘The Worst Mile,” Gargoyle, Spring 2018 (fiction).

—”Bonus Round.” Harpur Palate, Spring 2018 (fiction).

Leslie Salas (MFA Spring 2013)

—Condoms & Hot Tubs Don’t Mix: An Anthology of Awkward Sexcapades, June 2018 (anthology co-edited with Jennie Jarvis).

—”So Long, Soldier. Send Her Your Son.” Plane Tree Journal, Spring 2018 (fiction).

—“Imperfect Memory: Review of Eating Moors and Christians by Sandra Castillo,” Aquifer: The Florida Review Online, Spring 2018 (book review).

—“Speaking New Languages: Bridging Interdisciplinary Practices in Writing Classrooms” panel, College English Association Conference, Apr. 2018 (panel presentation).

—“Writing Comics,” Orange County Library System, Summer 2018 (workshop).

—“Bullet Journaling,” Orange County Library System, Summer 2018 (workshop).

—Co-Founder & Co-Organizer of the inaugural Full Sail University Writing Conference, January – September 2018.

—Taught Creative Writing MFA courses at Full Sail University, June 2018 & July 2018.

—Hired as Instructor of Humanities & Communication at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, August 2018.

Brendan Stephens (MFA Spring 2017).

—”Blue Nothing,” Santa Ana Review, Spring 2018 (fiction)

—(MFA Spring 2017) “Tattoos,” Ghost Parachute Anthology, Spring 2018 (fiction)

—(MFA Spring 2017) “The Waters,” Southeast Review, Spring 2018 (fiction)

—(MFA Spring 2017) “The Thing I Don’t Understand,” Phoebe, Spring 2018 (creative nonfiction)

—(MFA Spring 2017) Tin House Participant Reading, Reed College, Portland, OR, July 2018

Brendan Stephens is serving as Assistant Fiction Editor at Gulf Coast: A Journal of Art & Literature